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Why Choose Our Entertaining Kids’ Coding Classes In Surrey?

With Game Creators, your child can learn, play and create at the same time, using games as an educational tool.

We live in an ever increasingly digital world. Both coding and programming can be used in all kinds of careers, including video game creation, and they’re considered versatile, valuable skills by employers.

By learning the basics of coding, your child can develop their computational thinking and have fun at the same time.

Fortunately, with Game Creators, the process of learning coding doesn’t have to be difficult, boring or tedious.

With our workshops, your child can turn from a complete novice to an accomplished game creator.

We use video games to teach children coding and programming skills. Our team does this through workshops which are hosted live and virtually via zoom. These feature our own unique games and worksheets.

Game Creators also hold weekly online after school clubs and online holiday workshops, including those in Surrey. Why not book a free trial to see what we have to offer?

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