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Welcome to Game Creators.

We offer a fantastic opportunity for schools to introduce their students to the exciting world of game design through our virtual workshops. 

Our virtual workshops are led by experienced instructors who are passionate about teaching and game design. They will guide your students through the process of game design, providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge to create their own unique games.

Ideal for schools looking to incorporate new and attractive learning experiences into their existing curriculum or extra curricular activities.


Workshops are interactive, engaging and fun providing students with the opportunity to learn through experimentation and collaboration.

The Game Creator Journey is tailored to suit different age groups and skill levels, ensuring that every student is challenged and engaged. We use industry-standard software and tools to provide students with a hands-on experience in designing, creating, testing and playing their own video games.

Whether you are looking to introduce your students to game design for the first time, or you want to offer advanced courses for experienced students, our virtual game design workshops are the perfect choice.

So why wait?


Contact us today to learn more about how our virtual game design workshops can benefit your school and students. Let's get started on a fun and educational journey into the world of game design!

Laura Donnelly - Deputy Headteacher at Broad Heath Primary School

The children have benefited greatly from the coding sessions. They have developed their skills and built on previous knowledge and learning. The children are extremely enthused by the projects and the constant challenge.

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