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Level Two - Construct

Level Up!

Learners will continue with the familiarity of drag and drop blocks with the added complexity of typing conditions and actions. 

This will prepare learners for the final stage of their journey when text-based scripting becomes more prominent.

Using the behaviour system, creating games on Construct becomes far less time consuming than writing out jump code every time a game contains jumping.

This allows learners to concentrate on the aspects of their game that mean the most to them.

Unlike the Scratch levels, learners will develop a new project every half term but we will continue to provide documentation to guide them through.

Although Construct is mainly 2-d focused, it is a perfect place to explore the realm of 3-d game creation and prepare for the final stage of the journey using Core.

Construct is free and runs straight from your browser which means there is no need to download any software.

Free accounts receive 50 events available to use and we will always teach projects that fall within this limitation.

For more information on minimum specs and compatible browsers, click here

Level Up the Learning

More sophisticated graphics

Potential to publish and sell games

Create 2 new games each term

Online live hosted lessons

Full support with learning game development


Learning Outcomes

Layout design
Layer ordering
Object Behaviours
Multiple condition events
Nesting sub-events
Time scaling
Global and Instance variables
Saving and loading
Music and sound effects
User Interface design
Exporting projects

Upcoming Events

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