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About Game Creators

At Game Creators, we believe in the power of learning through fun. By using games as an educational tool, we create the perfect environment for an engaging learning experience. Our goal is to inspire, engage, and uplift our members, enabling them to create and publish their own projects with confidence. Game design encompasses a variety of essential skills, and we are here to support and guide you throughout 'The Journey'. 

What is 'The Journey'? - 'The Journey' with Game Creators is an immersive experience that takes you from beginner to expert in the world of game design. It starts with Scratch, a user-friendly platform that introduces you to the basics of programming and game development. As you progress, you'll move on to Construct, a more advanced tool that allows for greater creativity and complexity in your game projects. Finally, you'll reach the pinnacle of game design with Core, a powerful engine that empowers you to create professional-grade games with limitless possibilities. Throughout 'The Journey', we provide comprehensive guidance, resources, and support to help you build your skills, boost your confidence, and bring your game ideas to life.

Best of all - every program we use to teach is FREE!


What we do - Teach coding and programming skills via the medium of video games to ages 7+.

Why we do it - We believe that using the medium of video games is a great fun way to develop coding and programming skills whilst nurturing imagination and creativity.

​How we do it - Our workshops are hosted live and virtually via Zoom using our own unique games and worksheets - Weekly online after school clubs and online holiday workshops. 

Start 'The Journey' today and let us take you from a complete novice to an accomplished Game Creator.

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The coding workshops have been fantastic. My eldest son has worked his way through from the basic level of Scratch to now more complex Construct projects and he has loved every course and every week. The way the games are developed during each class always leaves my son excited to demonstrate to me what he’s made at the end of the class. The classes develop his passion week on week. 

Vijay - Parent

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