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Level Three - Core

The end of The Journey is in sight..

Using the LUA scripting language (also used in Roblox studios) you will begin to create scripted code using bite-sized examples that can be used across multiple projects.

Once armed with the necessary skills you will be encouraged to design, create and publish your own amazing worlds.


The Core program uses the Unreal game engine which I'm sure you've heard of. If you haven't, this engine is used by the best game developers in the world and can be seen in many AAA blockbuster titles.


You will immediately notice a marked improvement compared to the game engines taught in previous levels.


Core is completely free and there is no limit to functionality or any hidden charges. It does, however, need to be downloaded and installed and your computer will need to meet these minimum specs.

Once installed, the possibilities are endless and you will soon be creating 3-d multiplayer (or single player) games using cutting edge technology and graphics.


The final stage of your journey with us starts now.. what are you waiting for?

Script Based Coding

Learn LUA to take game design to the next level

Let your imagination run wild

Once competent build  your own amazing worlds

Online live hosted lessons

You're almost ready to fly solo!


Learning Outcomes

Text-based scripting 
3-d modelling
Interactive objects
Animation design
Audio triggers
Enemy A.I
Environment design
Terrain generation
Template production
Client and Server contexts
Exporting to the community

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