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What To Look For When Seeking Coding Workshop For Beginners

When seeking coding workshops for beginners, especially for kids, it's important to consider various factors to ensure a positive and effective learning experience.

Coding should be presented in a way that is enjoyable for kids. Look for workshops that incorporate fun activities, games, and projects to keep children motivated and excited about learning.

Firstly, you want to ensure that the workshop is designed for the specific age group of your child. Younger children benefit from visual and interactive programming environments, while older kids may be ready for more complex languages.

Secondly, pick workshops which provide an engaging and interactive approach.

Game Creators always deliver hands-on, interactive learning experiences. We believe coding is best learned by doing, so activities and projects should be a central part of the curriculum. We start by teaching coding using Scratch, which helps children learn using the medium of video games. 

Our courses deliver a well-structured learning process that progresses in a logical manner. Game Creators introduces foundational concepts first and builds on them gradually, with three different levels kids can work their way through. 

Since we keep our workshops smaller, we can allow for more personalised attention, which is crucial for beginners. We ensure that each child gets the support they need and can ask questions without feeling overwhelmed.

All our instructors have extensive experience in coding and teaching children. They can provide regular feedback on a child's progress. A program that offers some form of progress tracking or assessment can help ensure that learning objectives are being met.

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