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Online Game Development Classes For Beginners

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

It’s no secret that information technology is now one of the most important subjects for kids. Although young people are now surrounded by gadgets, many don’t learn the essential skills needed to thrive in the future. Here at Game Creators we want to help change that.

One of the best ways for kids to pick up skills, such as coding and programming, is through the medium of video games.

Video games aren’t just entertaining, but help kids to be creative and inventive.

With our online classes, children can learn how to design games and how to code and programme at the same time. Our computer lessons for beginners are ideal for kids aged 7 years and over.

We begin with Scratch, a user-friendly platform that introduces kids to the basics of programming and game development. As kids advance, they’ll move on to Construct, a slightly more advanced tool that allows them to create more complex games.

Bring unique games vividly to life.

We finish with Core, a powerful engine that empowers you to create professional-grade games with limitless possibilities. Throughout our workshops, participants will receive exceptional support to help build their skills and boost their confidence.

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