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Helping Kids Learn Coding In Scratch Using Weekly Classes

Scratch is a program that’s brilliant for helping children learn skills like coding. It’s used by many schools across the country.

Kids can use Scratch to create all sorts of interactive stories, games and animations. These can then easily be shared with family and friends. Both fun and educational, this program is great for teaching them future-proof skills. They can work on all kinds of exciting projects that involve everything from music to animation.

Here at Game Creators we’ve developed our own original content by building an academy of games and worksheets.

Through Scratch, we use these to teach children coding at our weekly classes. Beginners use a block colour approach, then progress from novice to advanced skills, until they’re creating a new game every week.

Our online hosted lessons are of exceptional quality and help kids to meet various learning outcomes.

Upcoming courses include those in September 2023 which costs only £104.50 and it’s important to book early to avoid disappointment.

Find out more about our coding classes using Scratch. Or contact us for more information.

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