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Enhance Kids’ Skills With Affordable Coding Workshops

Want to make learning coding fun and enjoyable?

Our workshops are hosted live and virtually, making them easy to access anywhere. Based in London, we work with children based across the UK.

Along with preparing them for the future job market, teaching kids coding offers many benefits. That includes enhancing their problem-solving skills, encouraging creativity, and improving computational thinking.

It also helps them learn how to deal with trial and error. During our coding workshops for kids, they’ll also learn how to work as a team and develop a valuable skill set. They’ll get to work on a wide range of projects, with courses starting at the most straightforward level.

Game Creators is committed to teaching coding and programming so the next generation is equipped for the future.

We use games as an educational tool to inspire and engage our students. Ideal for children aged 7 years and older, we nurture the imagination and creativity of all involved. No matter if your child is a complete novice, we’ll help them acquire the skills needed to create games which they’re proud of.

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