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Awesome Holiday Coding Workshops For Kids

The recent proposals to make mathematics compulsory until age 18 reflect the changing labour market. Coding is another subject that schools are increasingly putting more emphasis on.

Games Creators specialise in workshops that are ideal for kids interested in game design and teach students a range of skills.

Engaging, inspiring and uplifting workshops.

Game Creators are committed to making learning fun and use games as an educational tool to achieve this. We teach kids coding to a level where they can create and publish their own projects with confidence.

Virtual workshops that kids can join from home.

Our holiday clubs include a number of courses, with recent events including Scratch Holiday Clubs which had winter games and Construct Holiday Clubs which enabled them to create, play and keep an exciting project. Keep an eye out on our holiday page for upcoming workshops in 2023.

Why not check out our free introduction and sample a free workshop to see what we have to offer?

Find out more about our coding workshops for kids or contact our team for more information.

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