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The Perfect Computer Science Class For Beginners

It’s not known what the future will bring for our children. Will we finally one day see flying cars? And will we introduce housekeeping robots to our home?

Whatever happens in the next few decades, being skilled with computers is almost guaranteed to come in useful. Here at Game Creators we love helping to prepare children for the future, teaching the skills they will need for the world of tomorrow.

Our coding and programming classes are so enjoyable, kids won’t even notice that they’re learning.

We teach coding and programming skills throughout the medium of video games to children aged 7+. Fun, enjoyable and sociable, these sessions begin with using a popular block based program called Scratch, which lasts for 3 terms.

Members can then choose to continue to become scratch masters or they can level up to Construct3. Mainly 2-D focused, Construct is the perfect place to explore the realm of 3-d game creation and prepare for the final stage of the journey using Core.

All courses are imaginable and creative, enabling kids to create and publish their own projects with ease. Our work includes delivering holiday clubs which are ideal for keeping kids entertained this Easter.

If you’re looking for computer science classes for beginners, simply contact us for more details.

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