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The Benefits Of Enrolling In Our Children's Programming Classes

Programming classes are a fantastic way to help kids develop not only their computer skills, but their ability to work as a team. During this type of class, children learn to collaborate with others, perform well academically and achieve specific goals.

With Game Creators, the process of learning programming is also extremely fun.

That’s because we teach coding and programming skills using the medium of video games.

Perfect for children aged 7+, our programming classes nurture a child’s imagination and creativity, whilst helping them build skills for the future.

In order to teach these skills, we first use a popular block based program called Scratch, which is used for around three terms. Members can then choose to continue to become scratch masters or they can level up to Construct3.

Construct3 is similar in programming style to Scratch. However, it has a more professional feel and is less limited. Children will henceforth be assessed individually by our Construct3 host and notified when they believe they are ready to move into the final stage of the journey: CORE.

Since classes can be hosted live and virtually, they’re accessible from anywhere in the UK.

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