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The Advantages Of Learning Coding In Scratch

Learning coding using Scratch is beneficial for kids in many ways, especially if they’re completely new to this process.

For starters, it has a highly visual and intuitive interface. This makes it easy to understand and learn programming concepts, with learners grasping the techniques without getting overwhelmed by complex terminology.

It also encourages creativity and problem solving, with the programme featuring interactive stories, animations and games by combining different code blocks. Here at Game Creators we’ve created numerous unique games that children will love trying during our workshops.

With Game Creators, children will enjoy unique content created especially by us.

Each weekly class enables them to work on a brand new game, introducing new levels and depths of knowledge.

Because it’s designed to be great fun, Scratch engages and motivates children. They can easily customise projects and enjoy immediate results that encourage them to continue exploring coding and experimenting with different ideas.

It also provides a foundation for future learning, introducing kids to fundamental programming concepts such as loops, conditionals, variables, and event-driven programming. By gaining a solid foundation in these concepts through Scratch, learners can transition more easily to other programming languages which we cover at Game Creators.

Did you know that Scratch is widely used in schools across the UK?

A non-intimidating and accessible introduction to programming, it engenders creativity, problem-solving, and logical thinking skills. With Game Creators, participants will also have an engaging and supportive environment in which to develop a passion for coding.

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