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Classes For Kids Specialising In Video Game Creation

Video game creation is one of the most exciting career paths for young people. It’s not only fun and creative but can be incredibly lucrative.

Game designers can often command high salaries and it’s an industry which has a high demand for qualified candidates. Programming and coding are also generally excellent skills to have under your belt, since they show that someone is analytical and good at problem solving.

Game Creators specialise in classes that teach skills that are genuinely useful for the future. That includes coding and programming skills. How do we do this? Through the medium of video games, which have high appeal for most kids.

We give children the tools and knowledge to create their own unique games

Perfect for beginners, we start teaching children using Scratch, a program used by schools all over the UK. We then move onto Construct and CORE which help them enhance their skills. All our courses are run by DBS approved instructors who are passionate about this industry.

Game Creators frequently work with schools who want to help improve children’s coding and programming skills.

Ultimately, it’s our aim to make learning fun and engaging. We can incorporate new and attractive learning experiences into your existing curriculum or extra curricular activities.

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