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Enhance your Child’s Coding Skills with Classes on Zoom

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Is your child interested in becoming a game developer?

Although the younger generation are growing up with technology, they don’t always learn the tech skills needed for the future.

In an increasingly digital world, coding is becoming an essential skill, with many careers requiring at least a basic understanding of programming concepts, and despite the rise of AI, this trend is likely to continue.

Proficiency in coding is not only brilliant for game developers; it can also open doors to many career paths, from software development and engineering to data science and artificial intelligence. Coding provides adaptable skills that can be applied to new technologies as they emerge.

Teaching your child how to impact the digital world themselves.

Having a deeper understanding of how technology works is often empowering for kids. By learning to code using video games with Game Creators, they can interact with and shape the digital world they’re a part of. Instead of merely being passive users of technology, they can become active creators.

Since many of our classes are delivered on Zoom, they’re accessible from the comfort of the child’s own home. We deliver engaging, fun lessons which teach kids practical skills in an enjoyable way.

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